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Woodard Network provides virtual training, an online community

and resources exclusively to certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

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Woodard Network offers its members a proprietary online forum – a highly interactive community and networking environment comprised solely of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Members use this environment to share ideas, cross-refer QuickBooks-related products and specialized services, exchange technical information, share tips and tricks, …and more.


Woodard offers its network members two exclusive webinar experiences each month. On the first Friday of each month we offer our monthly “Member’s Only Webinar” that features guest presenters from Intuit and a wide range of training segments (see details below). On the third Friday of each month we offer our “App Academy,” featuring 3 QB-Integrated solutions per webinar.


As a Woodard Network Member, you’ll enjoy a wide range of practice resources and other benefits designed for you to increase efficiencies (and profitability), grow your practice, elevate your relationships with your clients, and enhance your professional skills. As one of our key benefits, members receive deep commissions when they recommend Intuit solutions to their clients. (See a complete list of benefits below.)

About Woodard Network

Woodard Network is a professional group of experienced and highly knowledgeable Intuit Advisors (i.e. QuickBooks ProAdvisors and Intuit Premier Resellers).

Why Create a Network for Certified ProAdvisors?

The Most Experienced Advisors Need to Work Together

The most knowledgeable, most proactive and most experienced Intuit Advisors need a dedicated and exclusive space to share ideas, cross-refer QuickBooks-related products and specialized services, and exchange technical information, tips and tricks. To accomplish this goal, the prerequisites for joining our program are higher than any other national, independent network of QuickBooks consultants.

There is Strength in Numbers

By banding together a large group of like-minded and highly experienced consultants, we have a collective “voice” within the accounting technology industry, with Intuit, within the QuickBooks user community, and with developers of QuickBooks-integrated applications. Also, by working with developers to secure special benefits, we can provide tools, systems, resources and services to our members at a fraction of the price you would pay if you purchased similar services or products on your own.

Networking is the Model for the 21st Century

As an Intuit Advisor with about 20 years of consulting experience, Joe Woodard knows full well the benefit of networking with other professionals and the impact on the development and overall success of his consulting practice. Joe Woodard created Woodard Network because he wants to extend this benefit to others and employ the networking principles he has learned over the last decade on a national scale.

About Monthly Network Webinars

Members of Woodard Network (All Membership Levels) have access to two exclusive monthly webinars each month:




This 1.5 hour webinar includes the following segments:

  • Voice of Intuit – A senior employee from Intuit shares about upcoming products, enhancements to existing products, updates to the ProAdvisor Program…and more!
  • Voice of the Member – Network members share peer to peer tips and best practices for working with clients, growing your practice, leading teams, hiring employees, implementing software for clients…and more!
  • Murph Moment – William “Murph” Murphy, Senior Editor of Insightful Accountant, shares what many members refer to as the most advanced training on QuickBooks available found anywhere.
  • News Desk – Joe Woodard shares news from the past 30 days that is highly relevant to ProAdvisors, including happenings at Intuit, upcoming training opportunities, developments within Woodard, etc.
  • Practice Growth and Development – Each month Joe Woodard teaches a 20 minute segment focused on your practice. Topics cover practice systems/development, practice growth, professional skills, leadership skills and a wide range of other topics designed to keep your practice on the cutting edge.




On the 3rd Friday of each month, members can join a one hour webinar where we cover three solutions that integrate with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. Through this webinar experience, members stay informed on QB-integrated solutions that solve client-specific and industry-specific needs. ProAdvisors can then make informed recommendations to their clients and can make informed choices about which QB-integrated solutions they want to actively support within their practices.

Network Levels and Benefits

*When Woodard Network Premier members refer clients for the purchase of Intuit software (and that client needs no assistance with their purchases), we will send you as our Premier Woodard Network member 100% of the commissions Woodard Consulting Group receives from Intuit as an Intuit Premier Reseller. If you need assistance choosing the best Intuit software solution for your clients, we will refer to you to an Intuit Premier Reseller in your area whom we trust and who is part of the Woodard Network Premier community. Check back later for additional commission pass through opportunities as we onboard new software partners.

What They’re Saying

  • My ultimate takeaway at Scaling New Heights is that I get to network with Woodard Network members who love to collaborate with each other to help build their respective practices. It is the most unselfish and knowledgeable group of people that I ever worked with! A highlight of the conference is the keynote address and other sessions featuring the great people from Intuit who share with us the long term direction of the company and its fabulous products. 90% of my current active client base, mostly wineries, originated from my networking activities. I work with many wineries as the direct result of an Intuit referral.

    Pete Bornstein
  • Scaling New Heights gives us the opportunity to learn and network like no other seminar event. For those of us with small practices it also gives us the incomparable assurance that "we are not alone" in our industry. The sharing of knowledge and expertise amongst these generous, caring individuals is unmatched in my 20 years as a business professional. Going to this conference will give you the competitive advantage that will put you at the front of the pack.

    Kathy Zaroczynski
  • Scaling New Heights = Schooling, Networking & Helping

    Christy Bertani
  • I am attending again. I walked away from prior Scaling New Heights conferences with knowledge about QuickBooks and add-ons that I could put to immediate use. But more importantly, I walked away with new contacts and friends that I can call on for assistance. Scaling New Heights conference fee $ Travel Expenses $ Professional contacts and resources PRICELESS

    Caren Schwartz
  • This event is a win win (education for me and take away resources for clients)! The conference is a journey. Pack up your gear and set out on an adventure of a lifetime, IT IS "Scaling New Heights."

    Deborah Defer
  • The Scaling New Heights Conference is packed with years of experience that you could never match in a lifetime. The instructors provide you with tips and ideas that you can use immediately to grow and enhance your business. The sponsors and vendors provide training and guidance on integrated applications that make QuickBooks by Intuit the best accounting software in the world. Don't miss this great conference-vacation.

    Kathleen Fernan
  • "Scaling New Heights is 'magical', even when it's somewhere other than 'Disney'!"

    William Murphy
  • I didn't know how much I didn't know!

    Susan Pruskin
  • 2013 was my first Scaling New Heights, and I can honestly say that this conference transformed my practice. Scaling New Heights provided a unique opportunity to focus exclusively on QuickBooks related products and services. The exposure to the latest practice management techniques, training and networking opportunities exceeded every expectation. I returned from Scaling New Heights with the skills, motivation, confidence and energy needed to make my practice more profitable and am looking forward to attending in 2014 with my staff. Scaling New Heights was one of my best business investments in 2013.

    Silvia Evans
  • I have been a Pro Advisor since the caveman days and accounting related material have always been less than exciting. Joe Woodard has been able to make the impossible a reality. Not only does Scaling New Heights educate you on the latest accounting technology, but also motivates you. I do regret not being able to attend prior Scaling New Heights, but never again. If you want to keep a positive outlook and a positive bottom line in your practice this is where you want to be. Don't be left behind in the dust, get in front of it at Scaling New Heights!

    James Cliame
  • The annual Scaling New Heights conference is essential to expanding our knowledge of QuickBooks, assessing third party add-on products available, planning and implementing our Practice and Leadership Development, and preparing for certifications. The conference has compelled us to research and adopt advanced technologies and improved our accounting methods. The education, training and products we have integrated from the Scaling New Heights conferences allow us to offer higher level, mid-market accounting services. Our (22) employees now lobby to attend this conference each year!

    Karen Mora
  • The best thing about Scaling New Heights conference was the fact that when I left there I was QBO certified. Upon completion of the QBO class we were told that we could stay and take the exam, while Dan from Intuit monitored the room. Thank you Dan and Intuit. Maybe next year's conference will build upon this!

    Debra Veilleux
  • Scaling New Heights lives up to its name every year. It keeps getting better and better. The training, the vendors and the very talented, helpful attendees have helped me bring my practice to a new level. The real beneficiaries are my clients. Now we see QuickBooks as part of an eco-system that helps them bring their businesses to new heights.

    Sharon McNeal
  • Attending Scaling New Heights actually changed my life. The knowledge I gained from the sessions and interacting with my peers allowed me to have the confidence to start my own consulting business. I have met so many interesting people and learned skills that translate to more productivity and efficiency as a result of the sessions I have attended and the knowledge that others have shared with me. Probably the best part of meeting new people is the widening circle of friends and advisors that I now have.

    Cindy Moore
  • If you've ever attended a Scaling New Heights conference you won't hesitate to go again, but without that firsthand experience you might wonder if it's worth the time and cost. My gosh, it is SO worth it! Not only for the top notch training sessions, the chance to meet third party software developers whose integrated solutions expand the power of QuickBooks, and the fabulous ProAdvisor networking opportunities, but also because it's just plain FUN. The venues, the food, the entertainment, the prizes and the special activities are all great. Oh boy, can Joe put on a show!

    K.C. Courtnier

About Woodard Network Educational Credits

Network members earn educational credits by attending network webinars, attending the annual Scaling New Heights conference, attending Intuit Virtual Conferences, attending webinars produced by Insightful Accountant, attending or leading Woodard Group meetings, and participating in courses offered through Woodard Institute.

Premier members of the network can use these credits as discounts on the annual Scaling New Heights conference – earning up to a 100% discount on conference registration!